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Debut at UNITECR23

Our Innovative Prefabricated Slagdoor Solution to Debut at UNITECR23 in Frankfurt

Join us at UNITECR23 on the 26th – 29th of September 2023 in Frankfurt in Main, the world’s
premier refractory conference, where we will unveil our groundbreaking “Prefabricated Slagdoor
Solution – To Solve a Well-known Obstacle to Increase EAF Performance.”

A prefabricated slagdoor, a pivotal component in the steel industry, comprises individual
refractory bricks seamlessly bonded with refractory mortar to seal furnace and ladle openings.
This revolutionary solution offers distinct advantages over conventional cast slagdoors: easier
installation, superior thermal shock resistance, and tailor-made sizing options. The adaptability
and reliability of prefabricated slagdoors make them indispensable across diverse steel industry
applications. They guarantee safety and efficiency, elevating steelmaking operations to new
productivity levels.

Stay tuned for our presentation at UNITECR23 to witness the future of refractory technology