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Applications: Converters

Most integrated steel plants convert hot metal via the Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) process.

In the BOF, liquid iron and steel scrap are blown with oxygen to lower the carbon content of the liquid iron. Undesired elements like sulfur and phosphorus are oxidized, and oxidic impurities are transferred to the slag. 

The heat emitted through the combustion of carbon (and silicon) leads to completely melting the added scrap. BOF tap masses vary from about 50 to 400 tons of liquid steel depending on the size of the vessel and refractory lining service life. Depending on the process and maintenance practices applied, they can frequently achieve several thousand heats.

The refractory materials in the converter must resist enormous thermal, mechanical, and chemical stresses over extended periods.


Applications: Our Service Offering

Customised offering

Mayerton has decades of experience with a wide variety of converter sizes, operating parameters and maintenance concepts, and we design tailor-made lining concepts with each customer based on specified operating conditions and campaign life requirements. Owing to the high flexibility of Mayerton’s own brick production, a large variety of products can be produced. No two lining concepts are precisely the same; our objective is to always offer the best campaign life at a very good price/performance ratio.

Ongoing development of products and customer-specific BOF lining design concepts in partnership with customers is fundamental to our approach to continually improving performance and specific costs for our customers.

Comprehensive Service

Mayerton pays detailed attention to correct material selections and to the design of these massive converter linings. Our focus on these aspects plays a major role in design, production, delivery and performance in operation. Our in-house design team can present and implement a wide variety of lining configurations. A large Mould park in our production plant guarantees the best possible implementation of the designed concepts.

We supply our customers with several concept variants used in modern converter linings, such as radial bottoms and knuckles, inclined knuckles and cones, and standard stadium linings with herringbone bottoms, bottom joint, and horizontally bricked knuckle and cone zones.

For the converter mouth area, we supply metal-clad bricks, which help to increase strength and resistance to mechanical impact. We also manufacture Taphole & Mother block components, which are essential to the operation of the converter.

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