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Industries: Flat Steels

Mayerton has spent decades partnering closely with flat steel producers across a full range of applications. We apply a deep understanding across plant processes to deliver maximum plant availability at the lowest cost/tLS.

Generally produced via the BOF process, our linings for Flat Steel Production are optimally zoned by thickness and material grade (MC) to balance lining wear rate across different physical and chemical conditions. Scans are regularly studied to provide ongoing improvements as part of our partnering model.

Predominantly aluminium-killed with some silicon and dual-killed steel grades, our ladle linings are optimally designed to suit the steelmaking process and product mix. Material selections and zoning minimise contamination of liquid steel by refractory lining (MC, AMC, MAC alternatives according to process requirements).

We support a full range Ladle metallurgy (e.g. LF, VD, VOD, RH-DG)

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